Career Decision-Making Workshop



Target Audience:

• Those involved in facilitating or making career decisions


Public Workshops


Cost: $75 + GST per person including lunch

Times: 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Venue: Room: TBC at 673 Bourke St, Melbourne



A practical, interactive and hands on workshop to cover:

•       Introduction to a validated career decision making process

•       Related theoretical concepts

•       Engaging with the self – activities and resources to quickly get to the core of career related issues

•       Self assessment – activities, tools and resources to enable you to identify critical preferences related to future work.

•       We will introduce and demonstrate the use of 4 assessments as well as other decision-making tools including SWOT, Priority Matrix

•       How to prepare a research plan that clients or employees can use to move them towards a career decision.

•       Labour Market Information (LMI) is explored to demonstrate how to explore career opportunities and LM forecasts

•       Job Boards and Marketplace information – activities, tools and resources are used to filter career and job options

•       Synthesis – integrating this information into a relevant and simple model to maximize insight and clarity

•       How to prepare career plan that set out clear actions and a clear career direction.




Annie Guthrie, Director of Careering Forward MBA, BA, DipEd, TAE, , CDAA accredited, Mediator (LEADR)


Annie has worked as a career development, HR and organizational development consultant practitioner for over 20 years working with a diverse set of industries, sectors and staffing levels. Her own careering coaching practice is involved in customized approaches to meeting clients needs. Her approach is solutions focused, holistic and engages people at a level that demonstrates a desire to help people find purpose and meaning in their careers.




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