You can empower yourself or your clients to make informed career decisions based on their natural abilities and work preferences using the following reports:          


1. Career Options

Compares the client’s profile to 650 careers and provides a list of careers in order of the level of fit between the person and each career.


2. Career Enjoyment

They can select up to 10 careers and receive individual reports about the specific factors they would enjoy or not enjoy about each career, based on their profile.


3. Career Development

Guides a career seeker to a satisfying career by identifying the tasks they enjoy, their interests, suitable types of work environments, interpersonal skills, their motivations, decision-making tendencies and characteristics related to leadership.


4. Your Greatest Strengths

Describes their greatest strengths. Includes strengths that are paradoxical pairs of traits that may seem to be opposite or contradictory but in fact are complementary or synergistic.



These reports provide comprehensive and reliable confirmation about your career decisions when knowing what direction to take can feel uncertain.


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