Resume Templates


There are a wide variety of free resume templates that Microsoft Word offers and they are very simple to use.


Alternatively you can go directly to their website at  to access a full listing of templates of all descriptions.To access resume templates directly in Word:

  1. Open a new document in Microsoft Word by selecting "New" from the File menu.

  2. In the sidebar, you will see a task pane entitled "New Document." Under "New from template" in the pane, click on "General Templates...". (Alternatively, you may need to select “On my computer”.)

  3. A new window will open up with several options. Click on "Other Documents" and you will see a collection of templates to choose from, including "Elegant Resume," "Professional Resume" and "Resume Wizard."

  4. Select the resume style of your choice or click on "Resume Wizard." Use the step-by-step wizard program to create a custom resume. The wizard will give you several options for styles, headings and more.


These Microsoft Word resume templates are very basic and easy to use.If you are looking for a resume template for a specific position, you can find more downloadable templates on the Microsoft website at


Or to access via Word: Open up a new document in Word. This time in the task pane, select "Templates on" (or “Templates on Office online”). This will take you to the website where you find hundreds of templates available for download.


Click on "Resumes and CVs" in the middle of the screen under "Browse Templates." On the next screen, you can select basic, job specific or situation specific resumes. You can find resume templates for a variety of different roles. See  video on resume writing  at .