Career Assessment


Career Assessments -

Identify current experience and qualifications

Interests, Values and Skills self asessment




Strengths Analysis based on skills, values

Strategies to narrow skills gaps

exploration of education and training options

work experience and voluntary work options

strategies to enhance skills and experience


Career Planning



Identify your Career Profile

Idenification of experience and career dreams

Develop your Personal Brand

Improving your online presence - LinkedIn

identification of transferrable skills

Conduct ccupational research

Research industry demand

Analyse using, SWOT and PEST evaluation

Decistion making and goal setting

Recommendations and options

Career Plan Development

Career Transition & Training


Managing change and risk

Learn resilence before identified obstacles

Motivational and contextual analysis

Career planning 

Options generation

Options exploration online

Information interviewing

Decision-making, prioritising goals

Dealing with change

Career research strategies

Writing a Career Transition Action Plan

Job Search


Networking strategies

Onling buying and selling

Selling your brand

Market testing

Using LinkedIn for job search

Selling yourself and your brand

Resume writing

Cover letters and

Answering Key Selection Criteria applications

Job Search Action Plan